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To Do

To do & future additions:

    Some documentation
    Change documentation for sporchq
    Document `db-thresh' in tuning
    Make sure harmonic peak extraction in tuning is documented
    Double check if default-tuning in `.sporch' is really selected (overrides
        database default)
    Allow user to:
        sum and compare with source instead of subtract
        use amp values instead of powers
        extract peaks by harmonic analysis or raw FFT
        use critical bands as error margin
    User can get source filenames with amplifications and transpositions for 
    Finish docs
    Move n-dyns into tuning definition, rename tuning to something better
    Option to eliminate masked peaks
    User source filter
    Bindings for other languages
    API for inspecting/modifying extracted peaks in sporchdb
    User specified peaks (bypass FFT and peak extraction)
    Also API for inserting own peak extraction algorithm
    API for user to plug in his/her own non-linear search algorithm
    Partial sort instead of full sort in FFT and a few places in SPORCH search