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Change Log


	* sporch.h: fixed so it compiled in C

sporch-0.2.2-alpha, 2008-04-01

	* SPORCH: FFT frequencies were slightly wrong
	* libsporch: math compile flags (-fno-math-errno -fno-trapping-math
	-fno-signaling-nans) caused silly results (especially with the -O3 flag,
	I think...  the math optimizations somehow caused all extracted peaks
	to have 0 amplitudes)

sporch-0.2.1-alpha, 2008-03-30

	* libsporch: oops--one more bug

sporch-0.2-alpha, 2008-03-29

	* SPORCH: bug fixes

sporch-0.1-alpha, 2008-02-24

	* SPORCH: alpha test version