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5.1 sporchdb

Usage: sporchdb [OPTION]... [DB-DIR]...

  -h [ --help ]         print help message
  -v [ --version ]      print version

sporchdb analyzes instrument sample sound files and compiles analysis information into a single database file. The database is then used by sporchq, sporch and the library. The only option (besides -h for help and -v for version) is the pathname to the root sound file directory, though it is more convenient to put this in a file named .sporch in your home directory like this:

db-dir = /home/me/path/to/soundfile/dir

Then you only need to type this to run it:


In addition to knowing the root sound file/database directory, sporchdb needs the following:

Sample configuration files with most of the available settings are installed in share/sporch. See `conf' Files, and `conf' Files Example, for more information on these.

sporchdb uses cache files to store analysis data so subsequent runs are much faster. You won't see output for cached analyses. Changes to tunings or any other significant parameters in the insts or conf files can cause sporchdb to reanalyze a sound file. Cache files are hidden files (beginning with a dot) and end with .dat by default.