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6 Configuration Files

Following are all of the settings that can be used in SPORCH's configuration files. The data types and default values are also given for each one.

Comments can be inserted on any line by preceding it with a ‘#’ or ‘//’. Multi-line comments can be specified by surrounding them with ‘/*’ and ‘*/’.

Strings are enclosed either in quotes (‘' '’) or double-quotes (‘" "’). The quotes can also be omitted, in which case the string either must not contain spaces or each space must be escaped with a backslash (‘\’). The backslash can also be used inside quoted strings to include single and double quotes. See Example Files, for a few samples.

Lists are surrounded by parentheses (‘( )’). The elements inside them are delimited by a space. If the list only contains one element, the parentheses can be omitted.

Some numeric settings accept a “none” value, which may be specified with the keyword ‘none’.

Also, some settings take a regular expression or a list of regular expressions. These are strings that defines patterns that can be used for searching or modifying text. A zero-length regular expression never matches anything. See for an overview of regular expressions with a tutorial and examples.